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Automated Messaging with InphoniteVoice

Who doesn't want to save time, money and reduce stress?

InphoniteVoice will put the pieces together to save you time, money and reduce stress while helping you stay connected.

With the ability to send and receive messages such as appointment reminders , lab results, emergency notifications, birthday greetings, recalls, past due notices or handle your marketing and survey needs, Inphonite has you covered.

InphoniteVoice can be a private, standalone machine that you manage or can be hosted through our secure servers.

The InphoniteVoice SaaS messaging solution is unrivaled in its ease of use, while maintaining the same amazing personalized customizations Inphonite is known for. As always our Implementations Department will connect and walk you through the training and creation of your own detailed messaging set up no matter what version is right for you.

In fact, if you choose to maintain your own machine, but want the security of never being down, we will help you set up a back up version to handle your calling needs for you anytime, on the fly.