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HIPAA: The Top 7 Questions

The most common HIPAA-related questions regarding Automated Messaging.

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This whitepaper will discuss the relationship between the automated messaging system InphoniteVoice and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and will clarify the level of security and privacy that InphoniteVoice provides users in order to follow the  requirements set forth by HIPAA. This whitepaper will answer the following questions and more!

  1. Is calling to notify or remind a patient of health care related issues or appointments considered a disclosure of protected health information under HIPAA?
  2. What is required from a patient when a health care provider sends appointment reminders and other related information using InphoniteVoice?
  3. What is required by a health care provider when using InphoniteVoice to send appointment reminders and other related information?
  4. And more...

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