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Your success is our #1 priority!

We greatly value our partnerships and are working hard with each of them to encourage mutual success.

We offer a comprehensive Reseller Program for PMS and EMR companies as well as IT and computer sales companies large and small. For those interested in finding out further details, please complete our online form to apply to join our Partner network.

For those accepted Partners in our network, you will receive login credentials to our Partner Area where you will find every necessary form, document and marketing material to agressively work with us.

If you are a potential customer looking for someone to help point you in the right direction regarding your computer needs, please check out our Certified Partners.


What does it cost to become a Partner?

At Inphonite, we build our partnerships based on the relationships we have with you. We do not ask for monetary compensation to be our Partner. We ask for connections.

What determines my partnership level?

You choose your level based on your projected sales. This will be your starting level. Your account will be reviewed in six months and then again after a year of your Partnership. Following that, your level will be renewed or changed on an annual basis. Please complete our form or contact a Channel Partner Representative for more information.

Do I have to learn your product to become a Partner?

This is largely up to you. We do offer trainings so you know what you're selling. We will however, be available to handle any demos, have conference calls and answer all questions as needed. We also provide you with FAQ documents and other marketing materials to help you learn about our product and give to your customers.