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InphoniteVoice Technical FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does InphoniteVoice get our appointment information?

InphoniteVoice can attain information from your host system a couple different ways.

  • Generate a report (file) containing all appointment information needed from your scheduling system -- InphoniteVoice would then import the data from that file automatically.
  • Use a direct database connection (e.g. ODBC, OLEDB, or connection string) -- no file export is required and the import is completely automated.

How does InphoniteVoice know who to call/when to call?

Your Implementation Specialist will help you configure the InphoniteVoice Rules to determine who to contact, at what time, with what method, and with what message.

Are you compatible with my PMS/EMR?

Yes. InphoniteVoice has a flexible import/export module which allows us to quickly and easily integrate with virtually any environment. We have successfully integrated 100% of our customers' PMS/EMR systems with InphoniteVoice.

What happens with busy signals and no answer responses?

InphoniteVoice can be configured in any number of different ways on how busy/no answers are handled. We can retry the number, try a different number, use a different delivery method, and/or play different messages accordingly.

Does InphoniteVoice work with VoIP Systems? If so, which ones?

Yes. InphoniteVoice can utilize your existing VoIP system for sending out voice calls. The program connects to your VoIP system the same way a softphone would, so if your system will allow a softphone to connect and send calls, InphoniteVoice can integrate with it.

How much does it Cost?

If you sign up for our hosted solution, the initial set up cost free and credits are purchased in bundles or pay-per-credit and are used only when successful messages are sent. 

If you purchase the InphoniteVoice on-premises solution, the cost may include hardware and software and largely depends upon the package purchased and your current computer set up.  

Inphonite also offers additional Professional Services which are optional at time of purchase.

A sales representative will go over all options with you.

How do customers feel about getting automated reminder calls?

We highly recommend advising your customers that they will receive an automated message. We find that customers aware that they will get such messages are served well by them.

How does it know if it's a live person or voicemail?

InphoniteVoice uses an industry standard method for determining if it's a live person or answering machine and custom programming to increase this ability even further.

How do you create messages and how does it know what message to send out?

There is an easy-to-use Message Creation Wizard which assists in creating messages. Additionally, your Implementation Technician will assist you in creating your initial messages. Finally, rules ensure the proper message is sent to each person.

Who records the message?

InphoniteVoice utilizes the latest in text-to-speech technology available in multiple languages so you may simply type into the program what you would like the message to say and it will do so. No need to record at all.

Or, if you'd like you can record the message yourself using a microphone or our Professional Services team can provide a high quality recording for you.

How do the messages/calls sound?

Your voice will, of course, be the most familiar to your customers. Let us give you a demo so you can hear our text to speech or human voice for yourself.

What type of support comes with my purchase and how much does it cost?

SaaS support is included in your credit pricing. 60 days of support come standard with on-premises products and additional support is thereafter renewed. That cost is dependent upon version.

Which wireless carriers do you support?

We support making calls and sending text to all wireless carriers. For reliable text messaging delivery we have several supported SMS services that we work with. Optional text-to-email functionality can be used to send text messages as well.

What type of training comes with it?

We offer a basic training that will get you up and running. More detailed trainings for your IT staff or those that really want to customize the system, are available at an additional cost.

How long does it take to be up and running after I purchase the software?

We strive to meet your deadlines. On average, implementation and training takes a total of two days.

Can a customer Opt-Out for my messages?

Patients can be imported with a flag specifying that they do not want to be called or phone numbers can be added to a global do not call list, so that patients who do not wish to receive messages will not.

Can we use it for other types of messages besides reminders?

InphoniteVoice is both and inbound and outbound calling system. Many customers use it for things such as birthday greetings, marketing messages, private lab results, home delivery appointments, missed appointment messages and recalls in addition to reminder calls.

Can it send out reminders in a language other than English?

Text-to-speech engines are available in almost any language or you may always record in any language.

What phone number do patients see on their caller ID?

For on-premises solutions they will see whatever phone number is being used by InphoniteVoice. For our SaaS solution, a number can be specified that is already being used for your practice, so that contacts being called will see a number they recognize. Or, for texting, we can get you a custom number.

Can my clients confirm or cancel their appointments whey they get a call?

Yes. With InphoniteVoice, your clients can press a key on their telephone keypad to confirm or cancel their appointment or perform other actions (e.g. transfer to an operator, repeat the message, leave you a return message, etc.). Further, InphoniteVoice supports speech recognition, allowing your clients to respond verbally with key words or phrases.

Can they confirm or cancel their appointment if the message is sent by e-mail or text message?

Yes, they may. InphoniteVoice will allow your clients to respond by either clicking a link in the message, or by replying to the message with a keyword (e.g. "Confirm", "Reschedule", etc.).

What is the implementation process?

To aid in the implementation process, we assign you a single Implementation Specialist to guide you toward, "going live". The Specialist will configure and test the program, and provide hands-on training so you learn how to use the program while creating the exact messages you need.