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Outbound Voice Messaging

Get your message out

InphoniteVoice can automatically deliver voice messages to your customers using your existing VoIP system or analog phone lines. We work together to simply setup your messages, and we take care of the rest.

InphoniteVoice's outbound voice messaging system features the following benefits:

  • Automated, so you don't have to do anything to "start" it
  • Allows you to record your voice for use in your messages
  • Messages are highly customizable, so you can deliver virtually any message you want
  • Allows clients to respond to your message by pressing a key on their telephone keypad
  • Generates a report listing the results of your call attempts - including keypad responses
  • Automatic retry for "busies" and "no answers"

With InphoniteVoice outbound voice messaging, you can:

  • Remind your clients of their upcoming appointment and allow them to reschedule if necessary
  • Send marketing promotions to large groups of people
  • Notify clients or staff that the office will be closed due to inclement weather
  • Take surveys from your clients to see how you're doing
  • Even send messages to your clients to say "Happy Birthday"!

Flexible. Powerful. Highly customizable. InphoniteVoice will save you both time and money while taking special care of your most valuable asset: Your clients.

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