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Integrating InphoniteVoice

Integrate with your scheduling system

It's time to implement software that can work jointly with the software you already have! Let's put on our geek hats, shall we?

InphoniteVoice integrates with any scheduling system on the market today. InphoniteVoice can import appointment or contact data in the following ways:

  • Flat File (e.g. CSV, TXT, DAT, etc.)
  • ODBC
  • Direct database connection using a connection string

If your scheduling system can export appointment or contact information to a text file (delimited or not), or if it allows a connection to its database, we can probably integrate with it.

Some of the scheduling systems currently integrated with include:

  • Wound Expert
  • ReDoc
  • iSalus
  • Allscripts
  • Centricity
  • NextGen
  • LWSI
  • Dentrix
  • And hundreds of others!

Infinite connections. It's more than just a slogan.