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Inbound private messaging

Secure messages anytime

A unique feature of InphoniteVoice is its support for inbound messaging. With InphoniteVoice, clients can retrieve personalized messages from you by calling a number and logging in with an ID and PIN. Simply assign a message to a client and that message can be securely retrieved by them when they call in. We'll show you how!

InphoniteVoice's inbound voice messaging support:

  • Double duty: handling inbound voice message retrieval while outbound messages are being delivered.
  • Completely automated and easy to setup so your IT staff can spend their time doing other things.

With InphoniteVoice's support for inbound messaging:

  • Messages are kept secure and confidential, helping to maintain privacy and HIPAA compliance
  • Clients have secure telephone access to messages 24x7
  • Office phone lines are kept available

Delivering messages when your clients want them--InphoniteVoice makes it easy.

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