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Collections Agencies

Cooperation is key in the work place, especially when it comes to the debtor/collector relationship. In order to promote cooperation the debtor must feel as though the collection agency is working hard to make business transactions smooth. InphoniteVoice can help any business become more organized and benefit the customer, agency and ultimately the business who hired the agency. InphoniteVoice can be customized to call thousands of people a day with private information or even transfer to a live person. Motivation is a fundamental characteristic that agencies must have in order to encourage debtors in the most positive way possible. Sending messages a multitude of ways ensures that the debtor receives and understands the message, which increases the likelihood of payment. Maintain a successful agency by increasing and ensuring the level of cooperation, motivation and confidentiality with InphoniteVoice.


Buying a car is one of the most difficult and important decisions one will make in their lives. A consumer must make sure the car dealer is reliable and trustworthy before making a decision that will affect the next few years of their lives. In order to do this, customer service must be top quality. This is where InphoniteVoice steps in. Messages can be easily sent to thousands of customers in a quick and easy, completely customized way. Contact previous customers to see how they are enjoying their new vehicle or let them know of any new deals or offers, remind customers to get their car serviced and even send surveys to check and see if their service was satisfactory. Additionally a large part of the success of the automobile industry is advertising and marketing which, with the help of InphoniteVoice can be sent by way of texts, Twitter, calls and emails, making marketing inexpensive and pain free.

Spas/ Salons

The purpose of spas and salons are to not only make the customers look good, but feel good as well. In order for that to happen the services provided at the spa cannot be the only thing of excellent quality. The appointment making and reminding process must be easy and helpful to your clients to ensure great customer service. InphoniteVoice can make this process simple without even the press of a button. Send automatic messages to your clients that are easily customized to say exactly what you want them too. Whether it is appointment reminders or upcoming deals you wish to advertise, InphoniteVoice can do it all.


Schools are responsible for anywhere from twenty kids to numbers in the thousands. When an emergency or a change in the schedule occurs, the parents and students need to be informed as quickly as possible. Snow days and fires are often unpredictable and it is vital that the students are aware of schedule changes. Making those thousands of calls can be a made a lot easier with the help of InphoniteVoice. If a busy signal is reached, InphoniteVoice will automatically call again later, ensuring that the person is contacted. It can also send messages a variety of different ways and can be easily customized to adapt to changing conditions. Ultimately it is the schools responsibility to ensure students safety and this can be made easier with the help of InphoniteVoice.

Utilities/Pest Control

Electricians, plumbers, and pest control services all have one thing in common, an occasional forgetful customer. You arrive at a house ready to be of service and find a locked gate or an angry dog. This could have been avoided if the customer was made aware of the requirements you needed to perform the service. This is where InphoniteVoice comes in. With Inphonite's automated calling system the days of dog bites and locked gates will be a thing of the past. Before your service call just send out an easily customizable reminder to your customer telling them exactly what you need and the chances of unpredicted obstacles will be significantly reduced, making your job easier and your customers happier.