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Delivery Notification System

We'll help with the heavy lifting!

  • Specific
  • Tireless
  • Detailed

A perfect day for a delivery man would be as follows: An organized list of deliveries, light traffic, every delivery made on time and received by the customer at the correct time and location with all obstacles removed. 

InphoniteVoice can't help with all of those aspects but it can certainly make the day a lot easier.  Sending reminders to customers that give the date and time and even specifications or requests to leave the gate unlocked or to remove objects that will be in the way can make the business day less stressful.  Customize messages to meet your specifications and send them in the form of calls, email, texts, and even Twitter to make sure the customer is aware of the delivery. 

This will help prevent miscommunications with customers and help make the day one step closer to perfect.